The Strokers Legends - 20+ Years of Membership

The Strokers Legends represents the heritage and tradition of our brotherhood.  To qualify for this prestigious status, members must be involved with the organization for 20 years or more.  Our members consist of a wide variety of leaders of industry.  Many of our members belong to collegiate fraternities as well.  The Strokers Legend distinction symbolizes our commitment to uphold our core values of honesty, sincerity, and integrity.  The Strokers Legends gives a historical perspective for future members to not only appreciate where we came from, but to strive to continue pushing forward.

Lawrence Usher

Lawrence Usher - Founding Member - Membership 1988 to Present

DeKalb College

82nd Airborne Division United States Army


Mr. Usher served as a Tool and Die Engineer in the 82nd Airborne.  The skills he learned in the military lead him to work as an inventor in the private sector.  Mr. Usher retired from AT&T after working for many years in the research and development section of Bell Laboratories.  Since retiring he took his passion for invention and created Usher Enterprises.  Usher Enterprises developed and patented a fruit juice that can be served hot or cold.  It is the only juice of its kind sold anywhere in the Southeast region.  His products can be found at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Amoco Gas Stations, and Wayfield Foods.  Mr. Usher won the 2002 through 2012 DeKalb County Senior Olympics Golf Championships.  He won the 2016 Strokers National Championship. And in 2019 he donned his first Stroker Jacket becoming Mr. Stroker winning in a head to head playoff. Mr. Usher states, “ Playing with The Strokers makes playing anywhere else easier.  The focus needed during our competitions makes it easier to play outside of the group.”

Earl Johnston

Earl Johnston - Membership 1989 to 2018

Southern University

United States Air Force


Mr. Johnston is a member of Cascade United Methodist Church, Cascade United Methodist Men, and the Cascade Men’s Usher Board.  His involvement in the community is also fostered with his membership to the Saint Augustine High School Alumni Association in Atlanta.  Saint Augustine High School is an educational institution dedicated to the education and development of young Black men located in New Orleans, LA.  Mr. Johnston’s dedication to The Strokers derives from the fellowship he enjoys and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.  He has his goals set to one day retire and elevate his game to a point where he can win a Low Gross title.  While he enjoys the competitive environment, he relishes the environment of Strokers’ friendships.  Mr. Johnston’s hope for the future is that all Strokers should be mindful that ultimately…”it’s about the fun of the game.”

Dr. James Fisher

James Fisher, MD - Membership 1992 to Present

North Carolina Central University

United States Public Health Service

Wake Forest University School of Medicine


Dr. James Fisher is a board certified Internist with 36 years of experience.  He is the first African American physician to practice medicine in the city of Marietta.  Along with practicing medicine, Dr. Fisher relishes in giving back to his community through various organizations and affiliations such as Omega Psi Phi fraternity and Blacks United for Youth (BUY-Cobb).  Dr. Fisher feels The Strokers is a great platform for networking and fellowshipping. “Membership in The Strokers can help individuals understand how to be professional, and the aspects of being a good man.  “A man can come to Earth with nothing, obtain only a shirt and a pair of shoes in his lifetime.  That man owes somebody for what he has.”  Dr. Fisher’s passion for giving back is only shadowed by his unrelenting work ethic. .”  A tireless worker, Dr. Fisher loves his work and does not see slowing down any time soon.  When asked how he juggles a thriving private practice where he is totally immersed in the business operations, countless business and social engagements, family, and practicing golf, he stated matter of factly, “I never get tired.

Vernon Vereen

Vernon Vereen - Membership 1993 to Present

Morehouse College


Mr. Vereen is an active member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity where he is fully immersed in his civic duties. He strongly believes in giving back to his community and enjoys mentoring at-risk youth.  Mr. Vereen’s initial attraction to The Strokers was the camaraderie created by the fellowship from gentlemen of various professional backgrounds.  “I would like members to carry on the supportiveness that we had in the early years.  We showed up to venues in force, 50 members strong, with the right attitudes.”  As Mr. Vereen approaches full retirement he plans to get more involved with his mentoring program.  His mission to take his mentees on an airplane out of town will one day be realized.  “Many of these kids hardly get the opportunity to get outside of their communities…most of them have never been on an airplane.”  Besides mentoring at-risk youth, and catering to his lovely wife, Mr. Vereen states lightly about retirement, “I plan to play a little golf too!

Fleming James

Fleming James - Membership 1995 to Present

University of Pittsburgh


Mr. James is an active member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity where he keeps community service as a focal point in his life.  “Being an only child, and not having children of my own, it’s important to me as my legacy to give back to my community…to give back to children particularly.”  Mr. James is the founder of Project Next Tee, a charitable organization that focuses on developing young talent from surrounding communities in the game of golf.  In addition to his exemplary resume of community service, Mr. James has served as The Strokers Treasurer for more than a decade.  “When I joined The Strokers I was looking for positive professional folks like myself that shared similar experiences, that I could enjoy playing golf with.”  Mr. James wants Strokers to always remember, “It makes a powerful statement to have an organization with so much camaraderie and fellowship existing over this length of time… it’s something special.”

Tommy Clark

Tommy Clark - Membership 1995 to 2017 

Prairie View A & M University


Mr. Clark is a proud alum of Prairie View A & M University, where he touts “The SWAC baby!” every chance he gets.  Mr. Clark describes the early years of The Strokers as, “the Wild Wild West of golf…rolling the ball out of bunkers, rolling it in the fairways…but it was fun!”  He was attracted to the fellowship that he saw, the fun that everyone seemed to have enjoyed.  Initially Mr. Clark focused on finding a club comprised of African Americans which possessed character, that he could share the enjoyment of the game that he loved with, “…that’s what it is all about.”  With retirement on the horizon, Mr. Clark looks to play golf 4 days a week with one day for charity work. He states he told his lovely wife of 29 years, "she already knows's on the books!"   Mr. Clark wants fellow Strokers to always be reminded that, “our group is a competitive forward thinking organization, that shares camaraderie, and should always be looking to take its golf to another level.

Greg Pridgeon

Greg Pridgeon - Membership 1996 to Present

North Carolina A &T State University


Mr. Pridgeon is an active member of the Atlanta chapter of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity where he strives to remain a relevant leader in the community.  Mr. Pridgeon embodies the spirit of The Strokers mantra, “Dedicated to the Fun of the Game.”  As a career civic leader his highlights include acting as an Executive of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games, and serving in the administrations of Maynard Jackson, Bill Campbell, and Shirley Franklin.  In his retirement he remains engaged with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  Mr. Pridgeon wants the Strokers to recognize our place in African American golf history.  “We are an inspiration and positive influence on the lives of young people through our camaraderie and leadership.”  Mr. Pridgeon will always be remembered as “The Sheriff”, with an eagerness to always be fair, and equally eager to assess the $5 fine for uniform violations. 

Frank Davis

Frank Davis – Membership 1997 to Present

United States Navy

  • Vietnam 1970-1971
  • Beirut, Lebanon 1982


Mr. Davis retired from military duty as a chief warrant officer.  From his duty, he transitioned into civilian life working in the telecom/IT profession.  Mr. Davis currently resides in the suburbs of Chattanooga, TN with his lovely wife Bernice where they are enjoying the retired life.  “I am grateful that I can still play with the young bucks.” Mr. Davis found that he has enjoyed meeting a lot of different people from all walks of life on the golf course.  The social aspect, more specifically building relationships within The Strokers has been very gratifying.  “You can play a round of golf with someone and decide immediately whether you want to be bothered with them or not.”  Frank, as he is affectionately known, is usually a no-nonsense guy that has gradually lost his ‘curse like a sailor’ designation.  “It’s a game, respect it, people get carried away with everything but they have to remember to have fun.”

Ben Hill

Ben Hill – Membership 1997 to Present

North Carolina Central University


Mr. Hill is an active member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity where he concentrates his fraternal interactions within the community he serves through his childcare venture. Mr. Hill skillfully balances his family life and being an owner/operator of a successful business, while still having the time to enjoy the game he loves.  “Retirement is over-rated, I want to stay connected to something other than golf, staying active as a business owner is important to me.”  Mr. Hill’s enduring membership to The Strokers can be attributed to his affinity for the structure of the organization.  “The enjoyment comes from the competitive social interactions, you are forced to focus on the game and your playing partners.”  Bonding with individuals and giving back to the community will always be a focal point for Mr. Hill.  “Strokers should carry on extending relationships beyond The Strokers, business networking, lending support and tapping into the resources within the organization.” It’s easy to know when Mr. Hill has a good day on the links by his well-known catch-phrase, “I love The Strokers!” 

Tim Rosier

Tim Rosier – Membership 1998 to Present

Keller Graduate School of Management


Mr. Rosier embodies the true spirit of Strokers golf, comradery and fellowship infused with competitive fun.  Always focused and game-face ready, Mr. Rosier extolls the virtues of being competitive, “I love competition, I grew up in a competitive family, golf is a sport that allows me to stay competitive.” “Even though we compete, we have to enjoy one another while respecting the game and each other.”  Mr. Rosier's commitmment to The Strokers is fueled by the varying relationships he cultivates and enjoys.  Mr. Rosier recalls watching golf as a child and his father being from Augusta, “I’ll never forget the 1983 Sony Open, I watched it live. When I saw Aoki eagle 18 I was hooked!”  Mr. Rosier holds one of the most highly contested Strokers Championships, and when asked what his keys to success were he stated, “Not knowing any better about the situation, just concentrating on playing good golf.

E. Daniel Witherspoon

E. Daniel Witherspoon – Membership 1998 to 2019

Broward College

Brenau University


Mr. Witherspoon makes winning multiple club championships appear effortless.  He does so with a laser-focused unrelenting pursuit to preparation.  "My father told me, before you compete, make sure you're ready to compete, don't let anyone beat you for being unprepared."  Mr. Witherspoon works really hard to be competitive well past a decade into his retirement.  He attributes his success to a deft short game and meticulous putting.  'Spoon' as he is affectionately known, wants Strokers to always continue to grow, learn, and be respectful of one another.  "It's important to present yourself in a respectful manner and to carry yourself accordingly", Mr Witherspoon asserts.  When asked to enlighten us to the keys of winning, Spoon jovially replied, "I'm just a lucky player!"

Phil Dembure

Phil Dembure – Membership 2003 to Present

Emory University


Mr. Dembure is a fierce competitor with a never give up attitude.  He attributes his Strokers success to a relentless pursuit of patience and understanding. “If you can survive a Stroker round during a Georgia summer, you’ve got what it takes to do most things!”  Mr. Dembure owns and operates a healthcare business for the developmentally disabled in the metropolitan Atlanta area. “My work life can be very stressful; I look forward to fellowshipping with my Strokers brothers. For me, golf is an outlet to let the problems of the world go for a little while.” In response to what Strokers should always remember Mr. Dembure remarked, “Compared to professionals we’re not that good at golf, so let’s have fun and enjoy it while we can!

Steffon Johnson

Steffon Johnson – Membership 2000-2011, 2017 to Present

University of Michigan


Mr. Johnson has enjoyed golf and socializing with The Strokers for many years.  Over the course of those years, his life’s priorities have changed from shooting low scores to “playing golf with the same ball all round!”  He openly proclaimed, “life sent me in a different direction away from golf, I focused on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.”  Mr. Johnson acknowledges his potential and knows that ignoring the small stuff and rising above it, he can do better.  “We have to choose our battles, and let stuff go.”  His keys to success lie in not getting in his own way and being more confident. Mr. Johnson would like The Strokers to always remember that representation of the organization is of the utmost of importance.  “We have to recognize that The Strokers is something larger than ourselves individually, we should always strive to be our best and behave in a professional manner, people are watching.”

Kerry Mills

Kerry Mills – Membership 1999-2010, 2017 to Present

University of Tennessee Chattanooga


Mr. Mills is a highly committed member of the organization who does not ever want to stop playing golf. “Golf is important to my sanity, I enjoy the fellowship, the outdoors, it’s a hobby that I can enjoy throughout my retirement.” Mr. Mills garners his inspiration and motivation from the elder gentlemen within the group, to stay committed to growing the organization. “This is OUR organization, it’s been here for 36 years, let’s get to 50 years.” He believes the traditions that we hold have intrinsic value, and the value of those traditions keeps us true, honest, and dedicated to the fun of the game.  Mr. Mills ever since a young man has had a desire to compete, and The Strokers platform is structured to satisfy his competitive spirit. When asked what the keys to his Strokers success are, he attributes a daft pre-shot routine, always learning, and doing research.  “Sometimes you have to lose in order to win.”