The History of The Strokers Golf Club of Atlanta

The Strokers Golf Club of Atlanta was founded in 1988 by a group of former professional athletes and businessmen who loved to play the game of golf. With this in mind, the group adopted the motto, “Dedicated to the Fun of the Game” which the club still abides by today. Eddie Pittman a former City of Atlanta policer officer and entrepreneur was the inaugural President.  Mr. Pittman is credited as creating the original logo which was a bear at the top of his backswing.  In the early years, the president held office for a one year term.  Mr. Pittman held office from 1988 to 1992.  Mr. Pittman was instrumental in creating the culture of The Strokers. He started by implementing club rules, a code of conduct, and a coordinated uniform.  


In the early years, the club patronized Browns Mill and Tup Holmes frequently.  The spirit of competition was always secondary to the fellowship.  Historically, membership into the club was initiated by sponsorship.  The Midseason Tournament, which consists of 36 holes of golf, has always been held close to the Metropolitan Atlanta area to keep costs down.  The Strokers Championship, which consists of 54 holes of golf, traditionally has been no more than a days’ drive, including venues like Memphis, Myrtle Beach, Amelia Island, and the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.


In 2004, The Strokers membership grew to eighty-five members. Sensing an opportunity to expand beyond Atlanta, the group established local clubs in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. In 2005, The Strokers Golf Foundation was conceived and granted its non-profit status before the start of the 2006 golf season. Each year The Strokers Golf Club crowns its Strokers Champion, during a 3-day tournament outside of the Atlanta area. 2007 was the first year that The Strokers crowned a National Champion. In 2013, The Strokers celebrated its 25th anniversary at The Atlantis Resort hosted by The Ocean Club, Nassua Bahamas.



The Founding Strokers


Eddie Pittman

James McIlroy

Charlie Chriss

Ed Moore

Tommy Herring

Clay Harris

Lawrence Usher

Darold Sawyer

Roy Johnson

Wayne "Tree" Rollins

Rev. Roi Johnson

Original Logo - E. Pittman

 The Strokers Championship

"Mr. Stroker"



2023 Kerry Mills

2022 Mark Townsell

2021 Carl Jones

2020 Johnnie West

2019 Lawrence Usher

2018 Kevin Scrivens

2017 E. Daniel Witherspoon

2016 Leroy Slan

2015 Kevin Scrivens

2014 Frank Davis

2013 Jimmy Robinson

2012 E. Daniel Witherspoon

2011 E. Daniel Witherspoon

2010 Tony Huey

2009 Phil Dembure

2008 James Fisher

2007 Ron Weaver

2006 Tim Rosier

2005 Hal Paisant

2004 E. Daniel Witherspoon

2003 George Delaney

2002 Tony Huey

2001 George White 

2000 Sam Puckett

1999 George Delaney

1998 Andre Norwood

1997 Jim Davis

1996 Earl Robinson

1995 Craig Williams

1994 Craig Williams

1993 Craig Williams

1992 Alan Williams

1991 Alan Williams

1990 Al Taylor

1989 James McElroy

1988 No Champion

Updated Logo 2007 - Phil Dembure