Georgia State Golf Association

The Georgia State Golf Association, founded in 1916, is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to serving the game of golf and its membership of more than 345 member clubs and their 75,000 members.




The GSGA is an organization consisting of approximately 345 Member Clubs – private, public, semi-private, military and associate.  There are more than 75,000 men and women who are individual members at these clubs.  Member Clubs are billed annually by the Association for membership dues based upon the club’s total number of golf members at the current annual individual rate of $25.  Information on billing and fees for Member Clubs who have joined since 2001 can be obtained by contacting the Member Services department at the GSGA office.



The GSGA utilizes the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) for its handicap services, which are administered in accordance with the USGA Handicap System.  Revisions are transmitted to Member Clubs and via e-mail to individuals who sign up for the GSGA’s eRevision service. Included in the GHIN service package is software for tournament administration, rules of golf decisions and other sources of information for golf professionals, course managers and club officials.



GSGA Handicap Lookup

To lookup your GSGA Handicap, select the following link: GSGA Handicap Lookup and enter in your GHIN number and click the Lookup button.

The Strokers Golf Club of Atlanta

The Strokers Golf Club of Atlanta is a proud GSGA Associated Club for the 2022 golf season.